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Sewer / Water

Bulk Water

Bulk water may be purchased from the City of Box Elder in two different ways: hydrant meters or a bulk water station at the Public Works Shop on the corner South Ellsworth Road and Line Road.

Bulk water fees are $__________ per 1000 gallons.

Public Works bulk water station is available 24 hours a day. There is a coin operated station that has an overhead fill. The rate is $_______ per 1000 gallons and is available in $.25 increments. For $.25 you can purchase ______ gallons of water.

Hydrant Meters

Hydrant meters can be installed for larger projects. This meter attaches to a fire hydrant at a specific location near your project. To order a hydrant meter, stop by the Public Works account management office and sign the hydrant meter agreement and pay the associated fees. The meter will normally be installed within the next 24 hours.

Hydrant meter fees:

Administrative set-up fee $_______

Refundable Deposit, 2” and larger $_______

Refundable Deposit, 1 ½ and smaller $_______

Water usage fee, minimum of 10,000 gals $_______

Hydrant meters will be installed by Public Works Department staff and will be locked to the fire hydrant. If you need the meter moved, contact the Finance Office, (605) 923-1404. There is a $_______ fee to move the meter.


The City of Box Elder has a combined water and sewer department. It is currently overseen by the Public Works Field Superintendent and who are currently responsible for inspection and maintenance of the City’s miles of sanitary sewer lines.

The department also aid’s in plan review and inspection of new line installation in our growing city.

Although the City’s crew makes a great effort to prevent sewer back ups from happening, they may still occur. We have added the following article to help explain why they happen and what to do if one occurs.


The City of Box Elder has a combined water and sewer department. It is currently overseen by the Public Works Field Superintendent. The crew is responsible for inspection and maintenance of the City’s miles of water line, 6 wells which produce high quality water (treated with fluoride and chlorine), 2 water booster stations and _______ Million gallons of water storage facilities.

The City’s water usage averaged about ______ million gallons per day in 2014. The department samples weekly at various points around the City and completes all sampling required by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources and EPA every year (please refer to the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report).

All sample data is available for public view during business hours at the Green Acres Shop, 540 32nd Street.

Water Conservation Alert Status

Policy for Implementation of the City of Box Elder Water Conservation Program and Use of Water Conservation Alert Status Indicators

Policy Intent: Establish the Water Conservation Program within the Public Works Department, the use of the Alert Status Indicators and encouraging the water customers for the City of Box Elder to conserve the water resources of the city.

The City of Box Elder Water Conservation Program is established under the direction of the Public Works Department to assist in water conservation within the City of Box Elder. It is the intent of the program to gain compliance through education and public interaction. Every effort should be made to advise our customers of the importance of water conservation by being good stewards of the resource and how it can directly save them money on their utility bill.

Information about water conservation will be distributed through the monthly newsletter, special billing inserts, use of the City of Box Elder webpage, door hangers and any other educational opportunities that may present themselves. Every effort will be made to make public contacts educational and positive interactions.

Box Elder City Hall

Photo of Box Elder City Building