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Parks Division

WHAT's New In Parks:

The Parks Department partnered with the Black Hills Youth Football League and held the first-ever cleanup day. This combined effort provides a new space to host the upcoming 2021 season. It was a great turnout that saw over 50 volunteers and 3 city staff members willing to help see this get started. The Parks Department hopes to continue building this relationship and is excited to see what comes next.

Last Modified:

Parks, a park system, and connectivity between parks within a community are a key element for the “quality of life” of a community. Parks provide recreation, stress relief, physical fitness, socialization, and growth and development opportunities for the community. Thus, the City has made it a goal to improve the park system throughout the community.

The first goal is the creation of a single major park within the City.  This is planned to by the redevelopment and expansion of “Community Park” which is commonly referred to as the Banditball Fields.  The first step was the replacement of outdated playground equipment with a new playground feature installed in 2019.  The second step was the acquisition of an additional 28 acres of undeveloped land immediately west of the “Community Park”.  The next step will be a Master Planning process to determine community needs and set goals to meet these needs followed by a city-wide plan to meet the reported needs starting with the “Community Park”.    Connectivity or a trail system connecting the city’s parks will also be addressed within the planning process.