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Applications & Permits

Frequently Asked Questions:

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All applications can be submitted by email to:

New Construction Building Packet

For all NEW Residential(Homes, townhouses, etc) or Commerical (stripmalls, storage units, restaurants, etc) construction. This packet has all the forms needed; Building application, Sewer & Water application, Temporary Water Service Account application. 

View New Construction Building Packet

Building Permit Application

Building permits are required for any new structures or alterations that are required to meet building codes and fire safety standards including decks, staircases, finished basements, and sheds or similar structures larger than 200 sq. ft. Not sure if you need a building permit? Could someone be injured if the structure they were on collapsed? Would they be injured if the structure collapsed on them? Would the changes affect fire safety and emergency access? If yes, then you need a permit.

View Building Permit Application

Change of Occupancy/Use Application

View Change of Occupancy/Use Application

Conditional Use Permit

A Conditional Use permit allows a use that requires special consideration at a location when it is shown that such use is appropriate for the location and will comply with the intent of the zoning district when specified conditions are met. Uses that require a Conditional Use Permit are listed under Conditional Uses in the Zoning Ordinance.

View Conditional Use Permit

Contractors License

A Contractor License is required for all general, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and roofing contractors operating within the City. Sub-contractors operating under a licensed general contractor are not required to have their own license.

View Contractor License

Floodplain Development Permit

A floodplain development permit is required before obtaining any other permit or before beginning work to alter or build in an area of special flood hazard. Restrictions and requirements for development can be found in the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. Information on special flood hazard areas can be found on FEMA Flood Map

View Floodplain Development Permit

Grading Permit

A Grading Permit is required for the excavation, grading, or fill of earth or other materials on areas greater than 1 acre; previously undisturbed areas; drainage easements, flood hazard areas; construction of roads or utilities; or the installation or alteration of culverts. Information on special flood hazard areas can be found on FEMA Flood Map

View Grading Permit

Hay Lot Application

View Hay Lot Application

Pre-Application Meeting

A Pre-Application meeting is a meeting you can schedule to have staff provide feedback on your proposal, as well as have any questions answered before you submit any applications.  A Pre-Application meeting is not required but is encouraged.  

View Pre-Application Meeting Form

Preliminary Plan Application

A Preliminary Plan is a tentative plan of a proposed subdivision requiring the installation of public improvements. Approval of a Preliminary Plan is required before an applicant can proceed with development engineering plans and a final plat application.

View Preliminary Plan Application

Rezoning Application

A Rezoning Application is required to change the zoning district that applies to a property. Approval and adoption of an ordinance changing the zoning of the property is required before any changes to the use of the property may proceed or before further permits may be issued.

View Rezoning Application

Right-of-Way Work Permit Application

This permit is needed for any work being done in City right of ways.

View Right-of-Way Work Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

View Sign Permit Application

Sewer & Water Permit Application

This application is needed anytime work is being done on sewer & water lines.

View Sewer & Water Permit Application

Vacation of Right-of-Way / Section Line Application

A Vacation of Right-of-Way or Vacation of Section Line is the process that eliminates public rights-of-way that are no longer needed for public access or utilities.

View Vacation of Right-of-Way / Section Line Application

Zoning Variance Application

A Zoning Variance is a modification of the zoning district requirements for a specific location where the enforcement of the requirements would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship. Variances typically include modifications of required setbacks or lot size requirements.

View Zoning Variance Application