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City Clerks

The City Clerk is the steward and protector of the democratic processes, such as elections, access to official records, and compliance with federal, state, and local statutes. The department supports the City Council in its goals of innovation, transparency, and fairness while promoting community participation and awareness.  The City Clerk is responsible for facilitating the business proceedings of the City Council and Elections while fulfilling the legal requirements as outlined in the City Codes and State law.

The City of Box Elder Municipal Code can be accessed by clicking the “Municipal Code” link below.  Although City ordinances are passed throughout the year, the Municipal Codification is updated twice per year in the months of June and December.  Newly passed ordinances that affect the Code will be added to the Municipal Code webpage as supplements until the Code is updated.  Please be advised that certain City ordinances may not be included in the Municipal Code.  If you are looking for an ordinance that is not found in the Code, or if you want to see if an ordinance has been amended since the latest update, please visit

Additionally, City resolutions are not included in the Municipal Code.  Resolutions can be found at:

Agendas, Minutes and Videos


Jermery Washington

City Clerk

City Clerk Jermery Washington is a caretaker of government, maintaining all official records of the city’s governing boards and bodies, supervising their regular and special elections, and supporting the daily operations of the offices of City Administrator and our many elected officials. As the custodian of public records, Jermery also has daily responsibility for the city’s transparency and accountability to citizens through the publication, retention, and dissemination of public records. Jermery is a veteran of the United States Air Force, and holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology with an emphasis in management information systems.

Contact Information:

(605) 923-1404