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WHAT's New In the Police Department Investigations Division:

Summertime Car Burlary Tips from BEPD Investigations

With warmer temps come summer crimes and the most popular one we see in our community is car burglary. The BEPD Investigations team would like to remind you all the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to simply lock your cars at all times but especially at night.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

-Tidy Up: What is useless garbage to you, could look like valuabes goods to a theif, keep your seats and floors clear of items to prevent a theif from pausing to snoop!

 -Hide Anything Valuable: Car chargers indicate phones, phones in plain sight are an easy grab and go item. Laptops get forgotten from time to time and are another favorite. Keep them hidden and keep your car from being a target.

-Windows Up: Even the slightest crack in the window lends for easier access in the eye of a theif- make sure your windows are up when locking your doors.

-Turn The Music Down; Windows down and music blasting on a warm summer day is FANTASTIC fun but, also a give away of what you have inside the car to the trained ear. Turn the jams down when not rolling in the hills to prevent undue attention.

-Park With View: It doesnt always prevent it but, parking in well lit and highly visible areas can often detour a theif.