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City of Box Elder City Hall
Ellsworth Air Force Base photo of a B-1 airplane on runway.
Family picnicking outside in their back yard in Box Elder.
Father, mother and daughter camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Air Force families gathered together outside in the city of Box Elder, SD.
Couple with daughter sitting on their front porch in Box Elder, South Dakota.
Young children playing outside in Box Elder.
A young family playing and laughing outdoors in Box Elder.
Image of the City of Box Elder Airplane logo.

WHAT's New In Streets:

The department has been taking advantage of the warm weather by repairing some of our gravel streets with the material from our millings surplus. The department has dispersed, packed, and graded over 160 tons of material on Briggs Street, East Box Elder Road, and 151st Avenue. The team has been adjusting manhole heights in the Thunderbird Subdivision to prevent plow damage. Finally, they have been finding and repairing wind-damaged signs and calling in work tickets for non-working streetlights throughout the city.

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WHAT's New In the Police Department Investigations Division:

Investigations would like to announce the identification and apprehension of suspects involved in a most recent string of vehicle burglaries in the Box Elder community. Along with said identification and apprehension, the recovery of a stolen firearm was also conducted. Prosecution for said string of vehicle thefts is underway.

BEPD Investigations would like to take a moment to remind everyone to protect yourself, your families, and those holiday goods from grinch like perpetrators and lock your vehicle doors!

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WHAT's New In Wastewater:

In November, the Wastewater Department has been working on cleanups from the past few water breaks and Veteran’s Park lift station repairs/system upgrades. This upgrade includes the installation of a new backup electrical generator. This new generator will provide the wastewater lift station with the power needed to remain running in the event of a storm or any other disruption of service.

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WHAT's New In the Police Department:

The Box Elder Police Department wishes you and your families safe and
happy holidays!

Hope to see you all at the annual Winter Market at City Hall on December 4th!

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WHAT’s New In the City Clerks Department:

South Dakota is one step closer to having it's own State Municipal Clerks Association.  We are continuing monthly meetings with the IIMC Region VIII Directors and other city clerks and finance officers in the South Dakota.

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WHAT's New In GIS:

Box Elder GIS creating maps to document years of undocumented Public Works infrastructure

GIS staff provides mapping services, data, and technical support to all City Department and to the public.  GIS is developing databases for the streets, water and sewer systems, parks, and other public features.  GIS staff works with both Meade and Pennington Counties GIS department to provide accurate data and mapping.

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WHAT's New In Public Works Department:


Last week the Public Works department held its first ever equipment rodeo. The event was designed and put together by our Lead Mechanic Kenny Moore and his right-hand man Joe Cuiba. The course was designed to be both educational and fun for the PW team, plus gave them the opportunity to show off their driving/operating skills. Competition was fierce but when the dust settled the Roads department squeezed out a victory over the other 3 departments. They took home the travelling trophy and bragging rights for the next 12 months.  


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WHAT’s New In the Police Department Administration Division:

The Box Elder Police Department is looking forward to a fantastic New Year and new recruits to our agency! Click on the JOB OPENINGS link to apply today!


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WHAT's New In the Finance Department:

On July 20, 2021, Nicole Schneider, was appointed & sworn in as the Chief Finance Officer of Box Elder.  Her commitment to the city and the accuracy of the financials has been outstanding.   We are excited to report 0 findings during the 2020 audit review for the third consecutive year! 

We have since moved right into preparing the 2022 Budget.  As we were collaborating and meeting with City departments and members of Council, it became apparent that road improvements are being asked for by you, the residents!   On July 20th, Resolution 21-17 was approved by City Council to focus on road improvements throughout the City and Finance worked diligently to provide a feasible financing plan for these needed improvements (Resolution 21-18).

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WHAT's New In Water:

November has been busy for the team. They completed the N. Ellsworth Rd. water repairs, adjusted several fire hydrants located on Stealth Lane, Tanglewood Lane, and Kodiak Drive while completing the monthly meter reads, service orders, and utility locates. Additionally, several valve boxes were lowered to eliminate trip hazards in sidewalks. Lowering these valve boxes will also help alleviate obstacles for shoveling sidewalks and mowing lawns while improving the overall appearance of the neighborhood.


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WHAT's New In Engineering:

The RAISE Grant application was submitted in July.  Applications will be reviewed through the late summer and early fall.  We expect to hear the results of our application in the fall.

The SD DOT Transportation Alternative project for sidewalk along N. Ellsworth Road will be bid through the SD DOT late summer or early fall.  Construction may start this fall but the majority of the work will be in 2022.  The City staff  has completed the preliminary application for the round of funding for the second phase of this project.  The second phase would complete sidewalk to Highway 14/16.  Annual projects for street maintenance have been completed for  cracksealing, chip sealing, striping, and pot hole patching.  Several developments are preparing plans for their next phases.  The Well #10 Driling contract has been awarded. Drilling for the new well will begin very soon.  The Liberty Plaza Project is going strong.  Utility work for water, sewer, and stormsewer is nearly complete.  Pete Lien Ready Mix has started construction of a new batch plant site at the southeast corner of the Liberty / I-90 intersection.  Construction on the new Box Elder Event Center at the Courtyard Hotel at the Elk Vale I-90 interchange will begin soon.  The prime contractor, Scull Construction, has finalized the necessary contracts and are in negotiations with subcontractors.  This project should start construction soon.  Also, citizens may have noticed the heavy equipment doing earthwork on the vacant land at the southeast corner of the LIberty / Ellsworth intersection.  This is the site for the Liberty Plaza development which will be the home for a new City / Ellsworth Air Force Base recreational facility, mutliple commercial development lots, and a large residential housing area.

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What's new in Community and Economic Development

Children playing in the future Candyland Child Development Center

Community and Economic Development works to make the City of Box Elder a vibrant community that attracts families, business, and industry to a growing City that is innovative and progressive.  We are looking to provide opportunities for all community members to live, work and play.

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WHAT’s New In Elections:

There are not any news updates regarding munipical elections.  There will not be any upcoming municipal election in the 2022 year (unless there is a vacancy created).  Thank you to everyone who voted in the municipal election on June 8th!

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WHAT's New In Parks:

The Parks team has been working on some last-minute maintenance items before the winter sets in such as general park mowing, playground/park equipment inspections, and taking on the grounds maintenance program at City Hall. The team also worked to reclaim the grounds east and north of the City Hall pond. Finally, the department assisted the Marketing Department by decorating the City Hall Christmas tree in preparation for this year's upcoming Winter Market.


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WHAT's New In Patrol Division:

The Box Elder Police Department would like to welcome Officer Jacob Puckett to the agency! 

Jacob came on board November 15, 2021. Jacob was born and raised in Texas. He moved from Texas to California to Colorado and finally settled in South Dakota. Jacob says he chose to settle in the Black Hills because of the amazing scenery and outdoor activities. He enjoys taking nature walks and spending time with his family exploring the outdoors. 

Jacob is quoted; "I am excited to be joining the Box Elder Police Department. I am known for my friendly personality, and always looking to lend a hand."

Should you see Officer Puckett out and about, extend a welcoming hand to a new officer and community friend!

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WHAT's New In Building Inspection:

Box Elder preparing for B-21 with new subdivision

Ellsworth and the surrounding region will be undertaking big changes and growth in the next decade, with the coming arrival of the B-21 bomber. Box Elder is getting ahead of the growth with what’s being called “a city within a city.”

Alpha Land Company has big plans for the 1,400 acres in the southwest corner of Box Elder. The Alpha and Omega Subdivision is located between the west side of Radar Hill Road to the Northern Lights development on the Rapid City Border. The company’s plans would allow for the population of Box Elder to double in the coming years.

The company’s plans would allow for the population of Box Elder to double in the coming years.

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WHAT's New In the Fleet & Vehicle Maintenance Division:

The Fleet/Vehicle Division has been hard at work keeping the different departments on the road. The team was challenged to help reduce the city’s Police Department cruiser downtime and has done so amazingly. To date, over 43 Police Department-specific vehicle repair work orders have been completed “in-house” instead of outsourcing to costly vendors for repairs. Additionally, they earned the APWA’s (American Public Works Association) Public Fleet Management Certificate.

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WHAT's New in Human Resources

Team Building Pic 1Team Building Pic 2Team Building Pic 3
Team Building Pic 4Team Building Pic 5Team Building Pic 6Team Building Pic 7
The City of Box Elder did a team building day and had a lot of fun!  This gave them a chance to get to know team members that they normally don't work
with. They did several activities that involved teamwork and collaboration.  This was a great team building day for the City of Box Elder staff!

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WHAT's New In Code Enforcement:

Box Elder will be working hard on cracking down on Nuisance issues 2020-2021

The Box Elder Code Enforcement Division in cooperation with the Public Works department will be cracking down on nuisance issues as the City works towards the goals of their City beautification plans.

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