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City of Box Elder City Hall
Ellsworth Air Force Base photo of a B-1 airplane on runway.
Family picnicking outside in their back yard in Box Elder.
Father, mother and daughter camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Air Force families gathered together outside in the city of Box Elder, SD.
Couple with daughter sitting on their front porch in Box Elder, South Dakota.
Young children playing outside in Box Elder.
A young family playing and laughing outdoors in Box Elder.
Image of the City of Box Elder Airplane logo.

WHAT’s New In the City Clerks Department:

We have been working with the Region VIII (AZ, CO, ID, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, SD, UT, and WY) International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) Directors about starting a South Dakota IIMC City Clerk Association.  We will be communicating with other South Dakota and North Dakota City Clerks and Finance Officers on training opportunities and potentially starting a SD/ND City Clerk Institute Program.  The association and institute will be very beneficial for South Dakota's clerks and finance officers.

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WHAT's New In Wastewater:

The Wastewater crews have been locating and raising manholes to the current surface grade.  Through the years, these critical access points can get buried by landscaping or road repairs. The team has also responded to input provided by our fellow citizens who have been reporting manhole rings that are off of the cement structure. This poses a safety risk and is prioritized and repaired accordingly. If you see a manhole that appears unsafe please report it to Public Works.

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WHAT's New In Engineering:

The RAISE Grant application was submitted in July.  Applications will be reviewed through the late summer and early fall.  We expect to hear the results of our application in the fall.

The SD DOT Transportation Alternative project for sidewalk along N. Ellsworth Road will be bid through the SD DOT late summer or early fall.  Construction may start this fall but the majority of the work will be in 2022.  The City staff  has completed the preliminary application for the round of funding for the second phase of this project.  The second phase would complete sidewalk to Highway 14/16.  Annual projects for street maintenance have been awarded for  cracksealing, chip sealing, striping, and pot hole patching.  Several developments are preparing plans for their next phases.  The Well #10 Driling contract has been awarded. Drilling for the new well will begin later this summer.  The Liberty Plaza Project is going strong.  Utility work for water, sewer, and stormsewer are underway and on schedule.  Pete Lien Ready Mix has started construciton of a new batch plant site at the southeast corner of the Liberty / I-90 intersection.  Construction on the new Box Elder Event Center at the Courtyard Hotel at the Elk Vale I-90 interchange will begin soon.  The prime contractor, Scull Construction, has finalized the necessary contracts and are in negotiations withsubcontractors.  This project should start construction in the August or September. 

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WHAT's New In Public Works Department:

Dirt work has begun for the new Well #10 site on 150th street East of town. This well when operational will assist us in filling some of the needs of our rapidly growing community has. The current plans to have it in operation by spring of 2022.     

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WHAT's New In Code Enforcement:

Box Elder will be working hard on cracking down on Nuisance issues 2020-2021

The Box Elder Code Enforcement Division in cooperation with the Public Works department will be cracking down on nuisance issues as the City works towards the goals of their City beautification plans.

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WHAT’s New In Elections:

Thank you to everyone who voted in the municipal election on June 8th!

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WHAT's New In Patrol Division:

The Box Elder Police Department would like to congratulate Officer Carter Smith for being recognized as the Officer of the year by the American Legion, Post 315 Box Elder.

Officer Smith is a valued member of the BEPD and we are proud of his accomplishments and contributions to our community mission.

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WHAT’s New In the Police Department Administration Division:

Join us for a fun filled summer afternoon of water shenanigans between the Box Elder Police Department and the Box Elder Fire Department! Watch as the two go toe to toe with water hoses while you cheer your team on from the sidelines! Then, hop in on the fun with a water balloon fight of epic proportions featuring over 5,000 water balloons!

There will be music, games, food trucks and fun galore at the BEPD vs BEFD Water Warz!

Saturday June 26, 2021 from 11am to 3pm at the Box Elder City Hall.

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WHAT's New In the Finance Department:

On July 20, 2021, Nicole Schneider, was appointed & sworn in as the Chief Finance Officer of Box Elder.  Her commitment to the city and the accuracy of the financials has been outstanding.   We are excited to report 0 findings during the 2020 audit review for the third consecutive year! 

We have since moved right into preparing the 2022 Budget.  As we were collaborating and meeting with City departments and members of Council, it became apparent that road improvements are being asked for by you, the residents!   On July 20th, Resolution 21-17 was approved by City Council to focus on road improvements throughout the City and Finance worked diligently to provide a feasible financing plan for these needed improvements (Resolution 21-18).

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WHAT's New In the Police Department Investigations Division:

The investigations division is excited to welcome Sergeant Joshua Campbell as the new leader. He replaces Sergeant Duane Peyrot who is retiring after 29 years in law enforcement. Congratulations to both of you on these new chapters in your lives!

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WHAT's New In Water:

During the past month, the Water Department has completed working with a local contractor installing a new 10-inch water main line on Radar Hill Road. This will allow the department to begin moving resident's and business's water connections from the old failing cement water main to a new upsized poly line. This upgrade should eliminate a substantial number of service interruptions due to water main line breaks.

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What's new in Community and Economic Development

Children playing in the future Candyland Child Development Center

Community and Economic Development works to make the City of Box Elder a vibrant community that attracts families, business, and industry to a growing City that is innovative and progressive.  We are looking to provide opportunities for all community members to live, work and play.

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WHAT's New In the Police Department:

Special thanks to the Box Elder Fire Department and Box Elder community for all the fun during the first annual Water Warz event! 

A very special thanks to our sponsors:

Box Elder Chamber of Commerce
Box Elder True Value
Teamsters Local 120 MN,IA,ND,SD

There were awesome games, prizes, music food as provided by Eddie's Tacos and Wall Meat!

Congrats to BEPD for winning the people's choice award for Best Truck in Show and, Congrats to the BEFD for being dubbed the Water Warz Balloon Fight Champions 2021!

Join us next year for the SECOND annual- Water Warz!!!

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WHAT's New In Streets:

The Streets Department has been busy working on  a variety of jobs this month. They have continued their pavement maintenance by repairing and rebuilding several intersection shoulders and corners, conducting multiple street patches, and identifying areas that need to be addressed using our crack and chip seal repair contracts. The team has also continued to clean up city properties along Line Road hauling out over 10 tons of material to the local landfill.

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WHAT's New In Parks:

The Parks Department took on the task of mowing all the major “right of ways” throughout the city. This improves the safety sightlines for motorists moving through the city and helps reinforce the city’s fire prevention plan. Additionally, the team has continued maintaining the city parks, conducted aggressive weed mitigation, and worked with our Facility Manager on improving the grounds around City Hall.


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WHAT's New in Human Resources

March Birthdays

The City of Box Elder is proud to recognize and celebrate the March birthdays of our tremendous staff!!! 
Wishing you all the happiest of birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday:
-Chris Misselt
-Todd Knoll
-Bruce Hegel
-Tonya Sabin
-Matt Birrenkott
-Raven Kaufman
-Richard Benn
-Doris Nelson
-Brent Hendrickson
-Sarah Cook
-Ethan Schulz

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WHAT's New In Building Inspection:

Box Elder preparing for B-21 with new subdivision

Ellsworth and the surrounding region will be undertaking big changes and growth in the next decade, with the coming arrival of the B-21 bomber. Box Elder is getting ahead of the growth with what’s being called “a city within a city.”

Alpha Land Company has big plans for the 1,400 acres in the southwest corner of Box Elder. The Alpha and Omega Subdivision is located between the west side of Radar Hill Road to the Northern Lights development on the Rapid City Border. The company’s plans would allow for the population of Box Elder to double in the coming years.

The company’s plans would allow for the population of Box Elder to double in the coming years.

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WHAT's New In GIS:

Box Elder GIS creating maps to document years of undocumented Public Works infrastructure

GIS staff provides mapping services, data, and technical support to all City Department and to the public.  GIS is developing databases for the streets, water and sewer systems, parks, and other public features.  GIS staff works with both Meade and Pennington Counties GIS department to provide accurate data and mapping.

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