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City of Box Elder City Hall
Ellsworth Air Force Base photo of a B-1 airplane on runway.
Family picnicking outside in their back yard in Box Elder.
Father, mother and daughter camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Air Force families gathered together outside in the city of Box Elder, SD.
Couple with daughter sitting on their front porch in Box Elder, South Dakota.
Young children playing outside in Box Elder.
A young family playing and laughing outdoors in Box Elder.
Image of the City of Box Elder Airplane logo.

WHAT's New In Code Enforcement:

Box Elder has added a second code enforcment officer to the team. 

The Box Elder Code Enforcement Division continues to actively patrol the City to ensure no safety of health issues are present and that general nuisance and zoning issues are delt with appropriately. 

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WHAT's New In the Fleet & Vehicle Maintenance Division:

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WHAT's New in Human Resources

Team Building Pic 1Team Building Pic 2Team Building Pic 3
Team Building Pic 4Team Building Pic 5Team Building Pic 6Team Building Pic 7
The City of Box Elder did a team building day and had a lot of fun!  This gave them a chance to get to know team members that they normally don't work
with. They did several activities that involved teamwork and collaboration.  This was a great team building day for the City of Box Elder staff!

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WHAT's New In Engineering:

Yorktown Blvd in Freedom Estates is starting to take shape. This major road will provide access to not only the Pete Lien site but housing on the East side and the Future Douglas Highschool.   

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WHAT's New In Streets:

This month, the department finished repairing East Box Elder Road, regraded Country Road, installed flashing beacons on all school zone signs around the Douglas School campuses, and repaired ten potholes. Additionally, the city snow response plans were reviewed, equipment/vehicles were prepared, and the team executed snow removal operations. Once the storm passed, the department continued to remove snow from neighborhood streets until clean up was complete.

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What's new in Community and Economic Development

The Liberty Center is a recreation facility planned to be completed in 2022, at a total cost of $12.6 million. It was designed by JLG Architects and construction services are being provided by Dean Kurtz Construction. The 60,000-square-foot building will provide Ellsworth Air Force Base airmen and the Box Elder community with a recreation area suited for a variety of activities, including sports and military ceremonies. It will also serve as a crucial replacement for the Pride Hangar, which is currently utilized for physical fitness activities on base.

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WHAT’s New In the Police Department Administration Division:

The Box Elder Police Department is looking forward to a fantastic New Year and new recruits to our agency! Click on the JOB OPENINGS link to apply today!

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What's New In Planning and Zoning:

The first of several structures is taking shape in the new Freedom Park located off 225th. This area is designed to house high-tech industry.       

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WHAT's New In Patrol Division:

The Box Elder Police Department would like to welcome our new Community Service Officer (CSO), Nicky Thomson to the agency! 

Aside from having been born in Utah and spending a few teen years in the sunshine state of California, Nicky is a long-standing Black Hills community member. She enjoys time in the beautiful hills with her family, photography, and scrapbooking all their adventures therein!

Nicky would like to say; "I am excited to get to work with our community and make a difference!"

When you see that white Community Service Officer truck rolling through town, give a waive to the driver- Officer Thomson.

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WHAT's New In Building Inspection:

Frito-Lay Dry goods distribution 

The concrete footings and base structure are in place for the start of construction of the Frito-Lay dry goods storage warehouse off line road. Time scale shows the facility should be completed by late summer 2022.  


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WHAT’s New In the City Clerks Department:

The City Clerks Department continues to work toward the creation of a municipal clerks association for South Dakota.  We have also began working with other departments to begin the required process of redistricting.  Redistricting is required following the U.S. census every 10 years.

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WHAT's New In the Police Department:

The Box Elder Police Department welcomed a warm holiday greeting from three little good guys! In the spirit of the season, BEPD wishes all of you safe and Happy Holidays!

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WHAT's New In Wastewater:

This month, the Wastewater Department lead a repair to a 24 inch sewer main that was found damaged while working with contractors on the Liberty Plaza project. Additionally, the team partnered with a local company and oversaw the installation of a new manhole along North Ellsworth Road in support of the growing plaza project. The department has taken advantage of the warm weather and continued to locate and identify underground sewer lines and manholes to improve our utility mapping efforts.

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WHAT's New In GIS:

Box Elder GIS creating maps

Due to Pennington County bridge issues on Hwy 14-16 a temporary truck route has been established. Our GIS team put together this easy to read map to help with traffic flow inside  Box Elder. 

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WHAT's New In the Finance Department:

On July 20, 2021, Nicole Schneider, was appointed & sworn in as the Chief Finance Officer of Box Elder.  Her commitment to the city and the accuracy of the financials has been outstanding.   We are excited to report 0 findings during the 2020 audit review for the third consecutive year! 

We have since moved right into preparing the 2022 Budget.  As we were collaborating and meeting with City departments and members of Council, it became apparent that road improvements are being asked for by you, the residents!   On July 20th, Resolution 21-17 was approved by City Council to focus on road improvements throughout the City and Finance worked diligently to provide a feasible financing plan for these needed improvements (Resolution 21-18).

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WHAT's New In the Police Department Investigations Division:

Winter winds have moved in once and for all. Tis' the season for the scraping of windshields and starting our cars before departures!

BEPD investigations would like to remind everyone; to never leave a running car unattended. That few moments it takes to start the car and run back inside to grab that warm cup of coffee, is all the time a car thief needs to make a break- with your wheels.

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WHAT’s New In Elections:

There are not any news updates regarding munipical elections.  There will not be any upcoming municipal election in the 2022 year (unless there is a vacancy created).  Thank you to everyone who voted in the municipal election on June 8th!

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WHAT's New In Water:

This month the Water Department has been focusing on infrastructure maintenance in its Zone 3 area (Box Elder Road West to 151st Avenue) of our water distribution system. This includes exercising isolation valves, lowering valve boxes, flushing hydrants, and lubricating components as necessary. These continuing maintenance actions are critical to extending the serviceability and lifespan of the city’s water distribution system.

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WHAT's New In Parks:

The Parks Department took advantage of the unusually warm weather and widened some entrances to the walking trail around Veterans Park. This enhancement will help with preserving the gravel paths and reducing washout and improving the drainage underneath those paths. Additionally, the team has been hard at work repairing park picnic tables, conducting park rounds, and assisting with snow removal.

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WHAT's New In Public Works Department:

This month the Public Works team received a Christmas present that will be a great tool for all the divisions to use. The team took possession of a new Bobcat Toolcat with 3 attachments that include an angle broom, a lightweight bucket, and an articulating blade. These new additions will be used throughout the city during snow removal, park/Liberty Plaza maintenance, and upkeep to our coming city sidewalks. Thank you Mayor and City Council for providing these tools to our team. We appreciate it.


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